Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm so Texan right now...

Today was craft day on the Cox farm. I headed over and made these beauties with Jenna. We saw them a while ago online and thought they looked easy enough and our craft-impaired selves could actually pull them off. We weren't disappointed!

We started off with some 11x12ish boards from Hobby Lobby. Then, of course, we painted them. And who wants new things if they actually look new? So we took sand paper to them and rubbed some of the paint off. We're so vintage.

Then we made some cutouts of Texas with hearts over Austin. Not only is it where they're from, it's so conveniently located on the map to look all artsy for this project! So that's a win-win. And also something I never would have thought to consider while deciding where to live... so now I know!

Then came the nails. Thousands and thousands (maybe millions--who knows?) of nails. Death by nails. After driving so many into that tiny heart, it made me wonder if it was all worth it. But it was. Of course.

And then the string! Jenna beat me on the nails, but I had a much easier time with the string.

 And after tying off the ends, we were done! I didn't actually take a picture of Jenna's finished product, but I promise you it was beautiful. But here's mine, and I'm quite proud of it!

And I know what you're thinking... "Crafts?? I came here to see pictures of your gross leg!" Well don't worry; here they are:

Last Wednesday


So the swelling and bruising has gone down a lot, but it's still pretty bruised right on the spot where the boat hit me. Also, this injury explains why I'm stuck inside doing crafts.

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