Sunday, September 9, 2012

Red Rock Relay

Ok I have one more post in me tonight... This weekend we headed back down to southern Utah to run the Red Rock Relay! With a 12-man team, we ran 187 miles in 2 days. I only ran 12.something miles, but Daniel pulled in a whopping 22.3! Our team captain, Jessica, was 4 months pregnant and couldn't finish hers, so Daniel helped pick up the slack.

The first day we started at the Brian Head Resort, and I ran a mile before I got to the lodge and rode the chair lift up... before I ran just right back down to the parking lot. It was a fun little trail run, though. From there we ran to Cedar City, then through St. George, and on to the finish at Zion National Park.

 Ready at the start line! Also, there's a creepy dude behind me.
 Finishing up the first leg!
 Epic handoff!
Daniel finishing his first leg.

Overall, it was a great experience. I had a ton of fun and Daniel LOVED it. We would definitely do this again!

Canadian Border Patrol

I have been laughing my butt off watching and re-quoting this video the last couple of days... hilarious!

Fun side note: if you google search "Canadian border patrol," that video is the first result. Not the actual Canadian Border Patrol!!! Poor Canada... :)

Come to Zion, Come to Zion!

Last weekend we had a fun-filled trip down to Zion National Park. Of our group, surprisingly I was the only one who had ever been there.

We took off from Provo late Friday afternoon and found an INCREDIBLE free campsite outside the park. We were in a "campground," but really couldn't see anyone. We also had an awesome view of a canyon and the boys had fun throwing rocks off the cliff face.

(Dead) tarantula we saw the first night... creepy...
 Our new ad for Toyota... we think we'll get rich off it.
AWESOME campsite!

Saturday morning, we were all pumped and ready to hike the Narrows! But we got to the park and they said they were going to close it because of flash flood forecasts... so we were kinda bummed, but we did Angel's Landing instead and it was amazing as always! Check out my last post for our sweet video...

 The last little trek to the top!
 Our group on top. I put my arm around Sean for one of the pictures, but he tried to rip it off so I didn't risk it again.
View from the top! So pretty!

Sunday we slept in, spent time at the campsite (this is when most of the rock-throwing happened) and rode the shuttle all over the park. We also hiked to the Weeping Rock. Daniel and I went slow so we could read all the signs along the trail talking about the wildlife and plants. Did you know that what we call "snake grass" in Idaho has different names in both ZNP and Yosemite? I can't remember the names right now, but that was weird to me. Why can't everyone just call it snake grass??

Our group at the rock.

Monday morning we packed up and headed back to the park to tackle the Narrows... oh and by the way, there was NO rain on Saturday! Anyway, we only hiked part of it since we didn't want to get back to Provo too late. It was a nice little hike and everyone was jealous of our Chacos. As they should be.

 Sean being an awkward 5th wheel... :)
Cool canyons!

A very fun weekend, and a very fun park! We came back this weekend, I'll write about it when I get around to the next post...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A little preview...

Here's a little preview of our trip to Zion National Park over Labor Day weekend... it was awesome!

Sorry about that annoying "watermark," I didn't really feel like buying any video editing software...

Also, this is totally legit!


So this post is actually about US!

Right before school started, we wanted to do something really fun and we decided to take a trip down the coast. We started in Yosemite, drove down to San Luis Obispo, and finished the trip in San Diego.

We camped in Yosemite and drove around the park and hiked a bit. That park is HUGE. I want to go there again, but for a week or so and do some exploring in the backcountry. Two days was NOT enough time there! And we were definite minorities there... Americans... Most people were visiting from foreign countries.
The first day we mostly just drove around and this was a really pretty lake off the side of the road.
At first Daniel was a little offended that I wanted to make tinfoil dinners with chicken (his family ONLY does ground beef), but after it was delicious he forgave me.
Our big hike, Vernal Falls. Beautiful!
And I REALLY wanted to see the sequoias, so luckily we got to stop in Mariposa grove on our way out!

Daniel was born in San Luis Obispo and lived there until he was 12, so we stopped there and had some great BBQ and gelato the first night. Sunday we went to his old ward and everyone was so excited he was there. Most remembered his parents, but a few remembered him, too, as a little punk kid. His primary teacher was upset he didn't remember her, but who remembers their primary teacher from when they were 7???

That day we went and saw the beach at Montana de Oro and played in the tide pools. Then we had dinner with the Greenleys (friends of Daniel's family). They told us that some whales had been spotted at a nearby beach and we were going to check it out that night, but we stayed way too late talking!

Monday we headed over to Avila beach and saw three humpback whales right off the pier! Then we tried to get gas, but California is WAY too confusing... ok so we finally did get gas and we headed down to San Diego.


We stayed with Canada and Michael in San Diego ( We didn't get to see a lot of them, since they both had to be responsible adults and go to work... LAME!

So the first day we went to Sea World (but decided it's definitely more fun if you're there with kids) and hung out at the beach afterwards. But before we went to the beach, Daniel took me to PANERA BREAD for lunch! I have missed that place so much... it's just a sandwich shop, but they don't have it here and I went there all the time in Maryland! When they got off work, Canada and Michael joined us for hot dog roasting and s'mores on the beach.
Daniel's new life goal is to go dolphin surfing... haha
 It's not Sea World without Shamu!
 I wish I could go to the beach all day every day...

Day 2 we headed to see the Midway (by the way, military discounts are awesome... Daniel got into both of these places absolutely FREE!). The aircraft carrier was AWESOME! Daniel was more interested in the "history" side of it, I was more excited about all of the airplanes and their engines...
 I just love this picture.
 Exciting plane number one... also, can anybody name the movie????
When we got home, I realized we didn't take any pictures with them, so here is my awesome skill at Photoshop. Amazing, right? It's like they were actually there!

So after the Midway, we headed to the beach again and then we went out to dinner with our hosts. I took a shower and it took them FOREVER to decide where to go... but eventually we settled on Outback and it was delicious... but we forgot our leftovers in their fridge... I'm sure they don't mind :-P

The next day, we packed everything up and headed home... but first we got a hot chocolate from Panera :) Going home was so sad... I wanted to be on vacation forever... But school had to start sometime and we're done soon enough!