Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

It's been two years! Can you believe it???

Oh what a happy, cold day!

Well a lot has happened this year! Let's take a look:

My mission president and his wife came to visit from Argentina!

Daniel's little sister got married!

My little sister got married!

Daniel commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army!

We moved to Texas!

We got a puppy!

We got a new (to us) car!

We moved to North Carolina!

We finally got that plus we've been waiting for!!!

I now get the best parking spaces!

And our tiny puppy is now weighing in at a whopping 45 pounds!

If you were to look at my phone, you would think the only thing that happened this year was Harley. She's the most well-documented puppy in the history of the world! But we sure love her and we can't imagine how boring life would be without her. I doubt we'll ever love our human children as much as we love her! (I'm joking, of course... sort of...)

So now we're getting ready to spend the holidays with my family in Idaho! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I'll be back to the blog when we learn the gender of the baby next month!

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