Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jan & Feb

Since we don't really have anything exciting going on in our lives, I don't update much... hopefully the next couple months we'll have more updates.

So anyway, I'm going to sum up January and February with one word: MISERY.

There has been so much snow and it's been so cold. I made Daniel promise me that we will never, ever, EVER live in Utah again (or a state that's this miserable in the winter). So hopefully the army doesn't make him break that promise and send us to Alaska or New York or something... because I will probably die.

In other news, Daniel's life is being eaten by the army--he has had 2 weekends off this ENTIRE semester so far and I get to bond with his sister a lot when she comes to keep me company. One weekend was the ROTC dining out, and that was not completely awful. It was actually pretty great! At least I got to be with him! (And Tucano's catered... that was a definite plus.)

Doesn't he look so handsome???

And just yesterday he got to join a VERY elite club: he is now an intramural champion! I got my t-shirt a few years back with my basketball team and he just won the doubles racquetball tournament with a friend. So I guess I can't tease him about that for the rest of our lives any more...

Other than that, not much is going on now. Well, a lot is going on but it's all boring. Luckily my sister is getting married this month and his sister is getting married next month and in May we're going on a ton of vacations and moving to Texas, so hopefully I'll have more adventures to fill everyone in on.

Until then, please educate yourselves on the angler fish:

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